Flora Sanchez

Flora Sanchez

Massage Therapist

Available at: CURE,

Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Stretching, Chiropractic, Trigger Point and Shiatsu

Flora has nine years of experience in massage therapy, and her journey into the field was quite fascinating. She was actually a private investigator until the age of 40, when she decided to change careers because she was suffering from a stress-related illness. She had her first massage and it changed her life. She considered herself a walking testimonial for the incredible benefits that massages can have for bodies that are out of balance or overworked.

After making the decision to pursue massage therapy, she studied at The Advanced School of Massage Therapy in Thousand Oaks. After graduating, she wanted more training to gain further understanding of the healing aspects of massage. Thus, she decided to travel to China and study with the masters at the Massage Hospital of Beijing, and to Thailand to study Thai massage.

Now she’s back in the United States and sharing her extensive training and healing touch with clients at CURE Spa. She loves her job because she feels best when she can close her eyes, concentrate on a body, and heal areas that create problems for her clients. When a session is over and clients are relieved of pain and she sees smiles and gratitude on their faces, she finds it truly priceless.